20100903 give の用法#36_生じさせる(1)



give の用法#36_生じさせる(1)


本日は、「生じさせる」を意味する give です。直接目的語 (O2) に来る語の種類で下記のように分類できます。

1. 肉体および精神的状態を表す語:

・My left thigh was giving me pain for months.
Lung and Bronchus Cancer Symptoms

・Using Windows, this never seemed to give me much trouble, but now that I'm using Ubuntu, things seem to not be playing nice after the restore is done.
(Windows を使うことで特に大きな問題はなかったと思います。今、Ubuntu を使っていますが、リストアしてからあまり調子が良くないんです。)
trouble restoring a Drupal website to local workstation - page not found message, cant login etc | drupal.org

2. 感情あるいは経験を表す語:

・What small things in life give you great joy?
What small things in life give you great joy? - Yahoo! Answers

・All of these things gave us great pleasure and experience.
no title

3. 希望・恩恵、利益・不利益を表す語:

・The physicians gave me hope, that I could regain a large part of my physical abilities again.
Healing of a Glioblastoma Multiforme

・What wars gave us more benefits with democracy?
WikiAnswers - What are the benefits for democracy

・This gave me some advantages and some disadvantages.
Things You Know Now… - SQL Server with Mr. Denny

4. 権利を表す語:

・The importance of winning social rights gave us the rights to use goods, services and facilities without being discriminated against.
The Voice

5. 雰囲気を表す語:

・They have a nicely-designed site, which gave it a very professional appearance that I think customers feel willing to purchase from.
OrlowskiDesigns.com - Year End Report 2009

・She definitely does not give me the impression that she is capable of murder.
Give your first impression of Mary Maloney. - Lamb to the Slaughter - Questions & Answers

【研究】①主語は「原因」を表します。②本構文は V + O1 + O2 の第 4 文型を取りますが、V + O2 + to + O1 への書き換えはできません。