201000705 get の用法#21



get の用法#21


本日は、「~の状態にする」「~状態にしてしまう」などを意味する get の用法を扱います。これは get + O + C (形容詞・過去分詞) の形をとります。それでは具体的に見ていきましょう。

(1) get + O + C(形容詞):

・June is a great month to visit a local farm and let your kids get their hands dirty.
(6 月は地元の農場を訪れて子供たちに土をいじらせる絶好の月です。)
Sweet On Strawberries


・He is a man who wants to receive the glory, but doesn't want to get his hands dirty.
411mania.com: Movies - Nether Regions 05.11.10: High Noon Part II: The Return of Will Kane

【研究】get + O + dirty は比ゆ的な意味で、「自分の手を汚す」などの意味にもなります。

・While I am getting my kids ready for school, I eat breakfast and decide what rooms to work on for the morning and wash a few dishes.
How to Clean Your House Before 9am, Everyday! - Associated Content - associatedcontent.com


(2) get + O + C(過去分詞)

・I just got my heart broken, what do I do now?
I just got my heart broken, what do I do now? - GirlsAskGuys.com

・We all got ourselves settled, some to continue their sleep, others to read or chat, and still others to gaze outside into the dark countryside.
Great Smoky Railway Trip

【研究】get oneself done のように再帰代名詞も取れます。

次回は、「~させる」「~してもらう」を表す get の用法を扱います。